Press for Joseph's of Santa Fe. A culinary pub by Chef Joseph Wrede.






Mr. Wrede’s approach to contemporary American food is to take “the world as your palate and source it locally,” said the chef, who champions the much-maligned concept of fusion cooking as a way of expanding regional flavors. “When we can make it work and make the bridge between cultures and ideas, we go for it because we want to make that experience unique.”


If I was going to take a stab at what I consider culinary art, it would be a combination of flavors that surprises you enough to become the primary topic of conversation, and if you’re down for a dinner where you can’t stop talking about the food, Joseph’s of Santa Fe is the place...The Santa Fe locale is nestled in a little downtown adobe, you can ditch the usual celebrity gossip and get really into what’s on your plate.


Joseph’s makes eating fun.

ions of duck, pork, lamb, salmon and even local rabbit. Three of the entrees are mostly vegetables. On behalf of locals with a sense of adventure and those people who come to Santa Fe looking for something different to eat, I hope Joseph’s will have a long and tasty future.



There are the people you meet and get to know, there are the people you meet but will never know, and then there are the people you meet and feel like you've known all your life. Joseph Wrede, the Joseph behind Joseph's, falls into the third category. His cooking is an extension of his good nature. Each dish is an old friend, but an old friend with a stranger's sense of adventure...Joseph's is that rare combination: a serious restaurant that refuses to take itself too seriously.




For adventurous foodies interested in delicious, highly original food, Joseph's new and comfortably attractive venue is a must-do.


Chef Joseph Wrede describes his menu at the new (and hot!) Joseph’s as vegetable-centric, meaning there is a conscious effort to celebrate that vast realm of ingredients but raise them above the salad and side dish status. 


“For me, food is a language and a way to express myself,” he said, adding, “I just try to draw correlations between the ingredients and try to create something that’s unique.”

A recent post by The Wall Street Journal on 3/1/18

TABLE MATTERS // Joseph’s. A great ambience with a very creative menu. If I’m going on a date and want to impress the girl, that’s where I go. 428 Agua Fria St.,

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